A video merchant sold 24 cases of tapes, which was 20% of what he had left. What percent of tapes did he sell?PLEASE I NEED THIS VERY SOON AND IT'S NOT 20%

Accepted Solution

Answer:16.7%Step-by-step explanation:Total number of cases sold = 24In order to find what percentage of cases were sold we first need to know the total number of cases that the merchant had.Let the total number of cases the merchant initially had was x. After selling 24 cases, the number of cases he is left with is x - 24According to the statement, the number of cases sold (i.e. 24) is 20% of the number of cases the merchant originally had (i.e. x - 24)This can be written as:24 is 20% of x - 24In equation form this becomes:24 = 20% of ( x - 24)24 = 0.20(x - 24)24 = 0.20x - 4.824 + 4.8 = 0.20x28.8 = 0.20xx = 144This means the merchant initially had 144 cases of tapes. He sold 24 of them. So the percentage of cases he sold will be:[tex]\frac{24}{144} \times 100\%\\\\ = 16.7%[/tex]Therefore, the merchant sold 16.7% of the cases of tapes.